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Montana Farmers Market Mentors: Community Partnerships

In this video, we learn about successful community partnership and vendor recruitment strategies implemented by the Healthy by Design Gardeners’ Market in South Billings, Montana. This market is one of three markets offering mentorship through NCAT’s project, Sustaining Farmers Market Success, which is working to build capacity for markets across Montana. This video is produced […]

Montana Farmers Market Mentors: Starting an Online Market

In this video, we learn about how the O’Hara Commons & Sustainability Center in Hamilton, Montana, worked to implement an online farmers market to help mitigate the risks of COVID-19. The online market runs in conjunction with their regular, in-person Wednesday afternoon market and continues to be a successful means of promoting local food access. […]

Episode 271. Farmer Veteran Finds Passion in Horticulture Therapy

In this episode of Voices from the Field, Margo Hale, NCAT’s ATTRA Program Director, visits with Charley Jordan, a flower farmer in Tennessee. Charley is a military veteran and talks with Margo about his journey to farming.  Charley discusses his farm operation and the enterprises he has pursued, including how his military service and farming […]

Episode 270. Grazing with Wildlife in Mind, Part 2

This episode of Voices from the Field continues a conversation between Dr. Sam Fuhlendorf of Oklahoma State University and NCAT Grazing Specialist Linda Poole about using grazing to bolster, rather than unintentionally harm, desirable wildlife on farms and ranches. Many regenerative ranchers use mob grazing – dense herds of livestock grazing a place for a […]

Safe to Fail Trials with Graeme Hand

In this webinar, Australian rancher Graeme Hand explains to Soil for Water Texas working group members how and why conducting a Safe to Fail Trail can help producers understand the impacts regenerative agriculture can have on their land. This material is based upon work that is supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, […]

Episode 269. Grazing with Wildlife in Mind, Part 1

Many regenerative ranchers use mob grazing – dense herds of livestock grazing a place for a very brief time before moving on – as a way to increase grass production and improve soil health. Graziers from across the globe have had success with this approach, but, hey, what about the wild things? Is it always […]

Episode 268. Managing Land, Cattle, and Quality of Life: Dr. Tina Cone, DVM

In this episode of Voices from the Field, we get acquainted with Dr. Tina Cone, a retired veterinarian in Berryville, Arkansas. In a conversation with NCAT Livestock Specialist Linda Coffey, Tina talks about the life she now leads during her second career — raising beef cattle and practicing regenerative grazing. Tina loves what she does […]

Managing and Maintaining a Coffee System in Southern California

In this video, organic farmer Scott Murray discusses how to manage and maintain a coffee system in warm areas such as Southern California. Scott talks about pruning, pest management, harvest, quality control, processing, marketing, selecting varieties for Southern California, and interplanting with trees to create a beneficial microclimate. This video is produced by the National […]

Managing Water and Nutrients in a Coffee and Avocado Alley Cropping System

In this video, we head to Jason Mraz’s family farm in San Diego, California, where he is growing both specialty coffee and avocados in a single integrated alley cropping system. This video explores the specifics of the below-ground considerations to think about when managing a coffee and avocado alley cropping system, including how to meet […]