Episode 239. Good Things Come in Small Packages: A Look at Small-Frame Cattle

Cattle come in all sizes, and small cattle may be just right…
Devona's 2020 Starts

ATTRA Resources for Resiliency

Here on my farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia, I am extremely eager to get my garden started. Due to the uncertain times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, I am motivated to achieve greater self-sufficiency and resilience for my family.
By Devona Bell, Director of Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Communities & Local Foods
vegetables in basket

Episode 139. Community Gardens and Sustainable Agriculture

This episode of Voices from the Field explores community gardening…

Episode 133. History of Food Cooperatives in the South

In this episode, Felicia Bell, sustainable agricultural specialist…
Cindy Ayers selling produce at a local market
person standing between row crops with urban skyline in backgroundNCAT
A student learns from a Farm to School instructor
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