Episode 253. How to Conserve Water at an Urban, Mountain Desert Farm

NCAT’s headquarters in Butte, Montana, has a complicated growing climate to say the least. That makes John Wallace’s job as farm manager of NCAT’s Small-Scale Intensive Farm Training program – or SIFT – challenging as well.
John Wallace and Victorian Smart

Episode 252. Meet NCAT. Darron Gaus Has a Passion for Teaching Sustainable Ag

Darron Gaus grew up in Yoakum, Texas, a small agricultural town. After some other career moves, he made his way back to agriculture, including a stint as the farm manager at the San Antonio Food Bank.
Darron Gaus and Justin Duncan

Episode 248. Winter Farmers Markets Can Bring Year-Round Customers

In this episode of Voices from the Field, NCAT Dietetics Intern Melissa Wyatt sits down with beginning farmer Rick Williams and his wife Kyra, to talk about strategies for selling their farm products through the winter.
Melissa Wyatt, Rick Williams, and Kyra Williams

Montana’s Winter Farmers Markets Help Provide Local Food Access and Bridge Revenue for Farmers

When I arrived at Montana State University in the summer of 2021, I discovered the Gallatin Valley Farmers Market. As summer came to a close, I figured farmers markets in Montana would also close. I was surprised to find that there are winter farmers markets here in Montana. Curious, I decided to explore the Missoula Valley Winter Market to learn more about how a winter market can be successful in Montana’s cold Northern climate.
By Melissa Wyatt, Dietetic Intern, Montana State University

No Trace Farming

Damian Valdez and Jamie Williamson run an organic herb, tea,…

Farm Visit to JSM Organics with Congressman Panetta and Under Secretary Moffitt

Staff from the National Center for Appropriate Technology’s (NCAT) ATTRA sustainable agriculture program had been planning for months to create a video tour of JSM Organics, one of the Latino-owned farms featured in this year’s Latino Farmer Conference.
By Ann Baier, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist

Weekly Wednesday Workshop: Permaculture 101

In this video, Felicia Bell, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist…
Becky Weed of Thirteen Mile Farm sells her produce.

Next Gen Regen: Becky Weed on Building Resilient Agroecosystems

Thirty-five years ago, Becky Weed and Dave Tyler left successful careers to start a farm in Montana’s Gallatin Valley. As first-generation farmers, “Dave and I didn’t know our heads from a hole in the ground, but we wanted to merge our interest in conservation and ecological systems with jobs in agriculture,” recalled Becky.
By Linda Poole, Regenerative Grazing Specialist