Clover Living Mulch: How to Seed Your Clover. Part 1

Welcome to the Clover Living Mulch System (CLMS)! In this series, we will explore the positive ecological impacts, challenges, and process for utilizing this perennial mulch on your farm or homestead. Lincoln Fishman, owner of Sawyer Farm in Worthington, Massachusetts, is one of a select few farmers pioneering and trialing this system on his farm. The CLMS has many potential benefits for climate adaptation and mitigation as well as for building soil health and promoting biodiversity. If implemented correctly, this perennial mulch can help your farm adapt to climate change and may mitigate its impacts on your farm’s production.

This video includes an introduction to the first step of the CLMS — planting your clover. Lincoln discusses a variety of topics: Establishing a dense field cover of clover; utilizing the “bare soil” stage of this system to grow certain crops that do not necessarily perform well with clover competition; and specifics on seeding rates, density, broadcasting, and tractor-mounted implements.