Episode 187. Perspectives on Agroforestry with Rowan Reid. Part 1

In this episode of Voices from the Field, the first of two, NCAT Southwest Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Colin Mitchell speaks with guest Rowan Reid from Australia to discuss agroforestry — farming with trees. Rowan was a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne for 20 years and is managing director of the Australian Agroforestry Foundation. He has written or co-authored eight books, including his most recent release: Heartwood: The Art and Science of Growing Trees for Conservation and Profit.

Colin and Rowan talk about balancing conservation and production, defining agroforestry, Rowan’s path to become a “forester among farmers”; and how agroforestry can help improve the environment.

Watch for the second part of their conversation in a separate podcast, in which Colin and Rowan talk about tools farmers need for producing high-value timber on their farm, fire management, farmer-to-farmer learning networks, and climate adaptation.

For more information on this topic, you can contact Colin Mitchell directly via email at colinm@ncat.org.

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