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Episode 305. She’s Raising Sheep: Maryrose Livingston of New York

Despite a centuries-long tradition of sheep dairying in Eurasia, sheep dairies are rare in the United States. But burgeoning demand for artisanal sheep cheeses is prompting more shepherds launching dairy enterprises.

This episode of Voices from the Field is the first of a two-part conversation between Maryrose Livingston of Northland Sheep Dairy in New York — America’s oldest sheep dairy — and NCAT Regenerative Grazing Specialist Linda Poole. It is part of the podcast’s occasional “She’s Raising Sheep” series.

Maryrose shares useful, funny, and sometimes painful lessons in her journey from suburban Detroit schoolgirl to being the shepherd and cheesemaker at what may be America’s only certified 100-percent grassfed, organic sheep dairy.

Among the subjects Maryrose and Linda discuss are evasive grazing to control parasites, the question of nutritional wisdom of sheep, and how raising grassfed livestock is Maryrose’s answer to creating a beautiful life while helping heal the land.


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