Business and Marketing

Farms and ranches are businesses. In order to operate a sustainable farming and ranching operation, you will have to understand the many components of running a business.

This includes planning, financial management, recordkeeping, marketing, legal considerations, and more.

Here you will find practical resources that provide guidance on business and marketing. From whole-farm planning, financial management, accessing new markets, and other farm-business topics  

Marty Holman works the computer in his outdoor office on Holman’s Harvest Farms in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, February 25, 2021. Holman raises chickens, cattle, vegetable, and tropical fruit on his 15 acres. USDA/FPAC photo by Preston Keres

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ATTRA’s Business & Marketing Resources

Picking lettuce

Agritourism for Beginners

By Luz Ballesteros Gonzalez, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist  The…
a box of fresh lettuce
Serendipity Farm
Full Belly Farm screenshot
apples lying on the ground under trees, after hail damage

Montana Farmers Market Mentors: Community Partnerships

In this video, we learn about successful community partnership…
picture of a roadside farm sign
Pickled okra
School cafeteria fruit bar.USDA
A man purchases fresh produce at the Helena, Montana farmers market.NCAT
Pick-your-own store front.

Tips for Selling to Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are becoming increasingly interested in selling products grown by local farmers. This tipsheet highlights the advantages, considerations, useful tips, and key questions you should ask yourself when considering grocery stores as a market for your farm products.
assortment of fresh vegetables

Montana Farmers Market Mentors: Starting an Online Market

In this video, we learn about how the O’Hara Commons &…