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Tutorials Home > Ecological Pest Management

Ecological Pest Management Tutorial

This tutorial focuses on giving you tools to implement ecologically-based pest management strategies. The five lessons in this tutorial provide information on what ecological pest management is, how to get started, how to implement preventive strategies, biological controls, and how to use NCAT and ATTRA resources. There are also resources to help you develop your own ecological pest management strategy for your farm.



Lesson 1 ~ Introduction to Ecological Pest Management

Rex Dufour by Rex Dufour, NCAT Agriculture Specialist



This lesson includes:

  1. Introduction to the Tutorial
  2. What is Ecological Pest Management?
    • Difference Between Conventional and Ecological Pest Management
    • Why Implement This On Your Farm?


Lesson 2 ~ How to Get Started

Ann Baierby Ann Baier, NCAT Agriculture Specialist



This lesson includes:

  1. Ecological Pest Management Principles
  2. Recordkeeping related to pest management
  3. Key Components of Ecological IPM
  4. Identifying Ecological and Organically Allowed and Prohibited Materials
  5. Finding Sources of Technical Information relevant to your region
  6. IPM Resources to help you develop your pest management strategies


Lesson 3 ~ Preventative Strategies

Rex Dufour Tammy Hinmanby Tammy Hinman and Rex Dufour, NCAT Agriculture Specialists,


This lesson includes:

  1. Managing host sites
  2. Soil management
  3. Variety selection
  4. Field Management
    • Trap Cropping?
    • Crop Rotation


Lesson 4 ~ Biological Controls

Guy Amesby Guy Ames, NCAT Agriculture Specialist



This lesson includes:

  1. Definition and examples of biological control
  2. Microbial Biocontrol
  3. Classical Biocontrol
  4. Making the Habitat Conducive for Biocontrol
  5. Generalists vs. Specialists
  6. Sources for Biocontrol Products
  7. Further Resources



Lesson 5 ~ Ecological Pest Management Resources

Ann Baierby Ann Baier, NCAT Agriculture Specialist



This lesson includes:

  1. Introduction the Ecological Pest Management Database
  2. How to search the database
  3. Ecological Pest Management walk-through
  4. Pest Prevention Information
  5. ATTRA's other On-Line narrated Courses or "Tutorials"


Additional Pest Management Resources


Do you have any questions or comments about this project?

Please contact:
Tammy Hinman (Project Coordinator)
NCAT, The National Center for Appropriate Technology
P.O. Box 3838 Butte, MT 59701


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