Business and Marketing

Farms and ranches are businesses. In order to operate a sustainable farming and ranching operation, you will have to understand the many components of running a business.

This includes planning, financial management, recordkeeping, marketing, legal considerations, and more.

Here you will find practical resources that provide guidance on business and marketing. From whole-farm planning, financial management, accessing new markets, and other farm-business topics  

Marty Holman works the computer in his outdoor office on Holman’s Harvest Farms in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, February 25, 2021. Holman raises chickens, cattle, vegetable, and tropical fruit on his 15 acres. USDA/FPAC photo by Preston Keres

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ATTRA’s Business & Marketing Resources

Beyond Fresh co-authors Mike Morris and Sue Beckwith

Beyond Fresh: Exploring Value-Added Food Enterprises

Value-added enterprises are one way to increase the profitability of growing those vegetables. And, in fact, in a recent survey of 400 ATTRA clients, the number one topic they wanted to see covered in more detail on our website was value-added products.
By Mike Morris, Director of NCAT's Southwest Regional Office
tomatoesUSDA photo by Lance Cheung

Customer Pickup: COVID and Sustainable Ag

NCAT’s ATTRA Agriculture Specialists are producing short videos…
Jeff Schahczenski

Rethinking Crop Insurance in the Time of Pandemic: Risk and Uncertainty

I have recently been awakened to a re-evaluation of risk and uncertainty. Have these changes in risk and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the need and desire to re-examine crop insurance?
By Jeff Schahczenski, NCAT Agricultural and Natural Resource Economist

Farmers on COVID 19: Let’s Learn from Each Other

On March, 30, 2020 The Virginia Association for Biological Farming…
Dave and Jenny Scott at Montana Highland Lamb

Episode 128. Direct Marketing Meat with Dave and Jenny Scott Part 1

This episode is the first of an occasional ATTRA: Voices from…
Dave and Jenny Scott at Montana Highland Lamb

Episode 129. Direct Marketing Meat with Dave and Jenny Scott Part 2: Processing

Today’s episode is the second in an ATTRA: Voices from the…
A person cuts sections of beefCanva Pro

Episode 137. Direct Marketing Meat with Dave and Jenny Scott, Part 4: FAQs

Today's episode of Voices from the Field – Part 4 of our "Direct…
An aerial view of farmlandCanvapro
farmer standing in field, from back